During my time interning at First Generation in Allentown, PA, I was given the opportunity to work with Allied Resources Medical Staffing, more commonly known as ARMStaffing or ARMS. My task was to create a logo and promotional campaign for ARMS as they celebrate Nurse's Week for 2019. Below you can take a deeper look into all the campaign has to offer, as well as the original logo development. 
Final 2019 Nurse's Week logo for ARMStaffing with hand done typography
Final 2019 Nurse's Week Thank You Card from ARMStaffing
Pop Socket promotional gift
Power-bank promotional gift
2019 Nurse's Week banner for ARMStaffing homepage 
Homepage banner mockup
Facebook banner mockup
Twitter banner mockup
LinkedIn post
Below are the four logo options originally sent to the client. The client chose the fourth option with some color modifications as you saw above.
Option 1
Option 1 alternate color options
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4 and alternate color option
Check out the final banner live at armstaffing.com
Created at First Generation
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